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We Choose What to Focus on in Our Mind and in Our Lives.  by N.Lewis

 “What You Focus on Grows”

Aromatherapy is nothing new. Medicine people, healers, midwives, holistic doctors have used the incredibly powerful and effective properties of aromatherapy for centuries to relax, rebalance and shift the state of mind. It has been around for so long because, it works. Many of Beesom & Blossom formulas have an important aroma therapeutic quality. In fact, most of our formulas are based entirely on the incredible properties that reside naturally within a botanical compound.  It is our aim to bring the purest form of natural properties to our products. We truly appreciate the magic that botanical compounds play in the process of healing and supporting the body and mind.

Aromatherapy is now being recognized in the medical community as a valid way to enhance one’s state of well being, shift state of mind and relax yourself. Many trusted healers, coaches and mentors will tell you that one of the most useful skills a person can possess is the ability to shift their state of mind. That means being able to control and direct your mood, inner dialogue and thoughts. The ability to shift your own state of mind can mean the difference between feeling lost or simply embarked on an adventure. Aromatherapy can help you do this. Think of calming effect lavender can have on you in a stressful situation. Ultimately this ability to manage or shift your state of mind will guide you to the destiny that you desire.

Where the Mind Goes the Body Will Follow”.

To that end, we can choose our destiny and we actively pursue that destiny each moment of the day. Each person has the power to choose their actions and thoughts. It is truly a matter of managing your thoughts, your focus and redirecting yourself as often as necessary. In sailing this is known as “Tacking”. You set your course and continually monitor your direction. Airplanes, cruise ships and space shuttles use this technique. It is never a straight to line to a destination. It is always series redirections. It is the same throughout the course of a lifetime and even the span of one day. Know where you are going! Equip yourself with the tools to assure you get there!

For the Beesom & Blossom family, our favorite state shifting exercises are embracing a sentiment of gratitude and setting intentions daily for the destiny we choose! And of course we are surrounded daily by the fragrance and energies of flowers and plants that uplift us.

Allow the incredible magic of nature and its botanical compounds to enhance your life. Beesom & Blossom Botanical Treatments are designed to improve your physical and spiritual being. Whether you have a specific condition or simply desire an energetic boost, our botanicals treatments create small miracles.