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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple... the world is what you make it… that means that we can create a world in which skin and home care products are actually free of harsh chemicals, toxic preservatives, dyes and wasteful packaging.

All Beesom & Blossom products are made with 100% All Natural, organic botanical ingredients. We formulate without any synthetic chemicals. Our products are handmade and the ingredients are sourced in the U.S.A.  We put quality and conservation ahead of profit. We stand up for what we believe in by consciously deciding to do what is right for our customers, our community and this earth. That means using packaging and materials that are sourced from the USA and using resources that do not damage our earth

Even as a tiny operation we can set the gold standard for quality and for respecting our environment. We do what big multi-national conglomerate skin & home care lines should do. We encourage and help consumers to reduce and reuse by giving them a better alternative. We do this but offering glass bottles options and a refill program.

We want our consumers to have an option to the typical throw away packaging. So please either purchase a refill for your Beesom and Blossom container or simply reuse it another way or at the very least recycle it.