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Eco Friendly ...this word gets used a lot these days and maybe even misused. Here is what it means to us.

The core ethos of Beesom & Blossom is to make ethical decisions regarding every step in the process of creating our goods. That means we will always choose what is better for humans, our community and the planet, over profit. We do not plan on being an enormous conglomerate that spans that globe. Our goal is to serve the needs of those people who desire an alternative to chemical laden products, packaged in a way that is harmful and wasteful.

All of our plastic containers are from 100% recycled materials

We encourage every retailer to adopt our refill program which allows our customers to bring in empty containers and get them refilled. We also offer this as an option from our web site

We offer our customers an option to receive their products in glass containers instead of plastic.

Lastly, we only source from local, sustainable suppliers.