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Our Team

We began as a mother daughter team, more mommy than daughter, since Veronica is only 7.  And as many stories go, we started this operation in a big, old butler’s pantry in “Pinkie” our 1890’s Victorian home. All our formulations and recipes are based on years of use and refinement. The product lines expanded as our knowledge of botany and chemistry grew. The old adage if you want it done right do it yourself, certainly applies to this venture.

However, no one can do all this alone. And we have an amazing team of women who have worked to make this company a reality. Together with other Mothers these recipes have been tested, reformulated and approved to make them as perfect as possible. 
Becoming a mother truly inspired me in so many ways. Wanting to provide a safe world free from toxins is just one of the things we all want for our children. So please make use of these products and leverage the time I have invested from my life to help make our world better. 
More pictures and Bios coming soon!