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This line came about because my baby, Veronica starting growing up.  Long, fun bubble baths are now a huge part of our routine and I wanted a formula without any harsh chemicals, dyes or toxic preservatives. So, using old fashioned New England ingenuity, I made our own using our favorite forest botanicals. The Happy Little Indians design pays homage to my fascination with our family's native American heritage. We have a great-great grandmother who was a Penobscot Indian chief. Yes, it was a matriarchal culture. And Momma still knows best.

Tip Top Wash came about, because my daughter needed a high quality cleanser for her face and hands. This formula is perfectly ph balanced, gentle for faces, yet still an effective cleanser. The scent is wonderfully suited to a child's senses. We have blended Sweet Orange and Apple Blossoms, a hint of Wild Mint and Lavender. The Tip Top frog design is fun, vintage and reminds me of a book my grandmother had at her house when I was a child.

Go Away Spray, as far as my daughter Veronica, (7 yrs. old) is concerned, is totally her creation and the most important product in our line. She loves Go Away Spray because it gives her "a cool, spray gun"  to use against her bed time world of imaginary creeps and has become a staple in our bedtime routine.