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Blossom Home

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Blossom Home is the newest addition to Beesom & Blossom. I have 2 products available now and many more to come. Everything here is chemical free, safe for use in your home and respectful of resources and our planet.

I have always loved cleansing and recharging my space with proper ionization, positive energy and the perfect botanical fragrance. With that in mind, I have created several all-natural room sprays that freshen / recharge air and remove odors all at once without the use of chemicals.

These sprays are very fun, completely chemical free and each magical in their own way.

Blossom Home also has its first cleaning product and it is a "doozy", as they say here in New Hampshire. Imagine a product that can remove pine tree sap from white shorts after it has dried and blackened in the sun for a few weeks. Nature Lover's Tree Sap Remover is truly miraculous. It works on skin, gear, equipment, clothes, cars and boats.